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Referrals from both regular and occasional clients.

Lake Houses
Wooden Cabin

I would like to recommend Barbara and Mike Nunke, aka Kos, as property caretaker of your estate.  We have a house on 90 acres that is a vacation home for our family and they are just a godsend to us!

There are many things that they accomplish for us that we’d be unable to do during our brief visits to the property. The people who we bought the house from were in their 80’s and 90’s. They had 2 homes in the Spokane area and didn’t need to take much of anything from the house. Barbara and Mike were able to clear out many of their possessions from the cupboards, closets and the basement. This was quite a boon to me!

Mike is able to do home repairs and built an improved bridge from the main part of the property to the far side of the creek. He measured for blinds and installed them for us. He also changed out one of our shower heads. Again, they are comprehensive in their abilities to do home care.

They meet with repair people and had a new water heater installed. Speaking of appliances, the previous owners had created an old appliance graveyard. Mike arranged for them to be cleared off of the property.

They also cleared our mile long driveway of snow and kept it open for the winter. In the spring and summer, they do yard care for us. Again, this is comprehensive and includes mowing, weeding and planting. They also do pest control in some of our outbuildings.

They prepare the house for our visits before our arrival, both during good weather and during ski season and I am grateful for their domestic services. I would highly recommend them.  We’ve been happy and I’m sure you will be too.

Laura Beal

My wife and I have received a lot of assistance on 2 homes and our family business during the past 5 years from Mike. Some of the projects included working through an inspection punch list when selling a home. More recently we needed shelving built in the garage and inside the home, ceiling fans replaced, picture and game mounts and stained glass installed. Mike has always been prepared, on time and extremely fair. We will continue to call on Mike whenever we have a need.

Peter Gillis

Kos stepped in to manage and clean my cabins for several dozen airbnb guests on short notice. They did an excellent job. Barbara and Mike bring a wide range of skills to the table and were professional and efficient.


Barbara came in and helped me get started on arranging for a garage sale. She carried some of the heavier items and prompted me to think ahead. I won't hesitate to use her again.

Barbara Rolph

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