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What Sets Us Apart

Kos is a property caretaker and handyman business that also offers domestic services such as personal shopper, driver and home chef options. We cater to the unique needs of vacationers as well as full and part time residents. We service vacation rentals as well as permanent estates in both Bonner and Boundary Counties of North Idaho. We are a mature husband and wife team with over 30 years worth of experience in property & marine management. We bring with that our special interest skillsets of event production and life enrichment. We have spent our lifetime together honing these skills and now we offer them to you.

A word about the word Kos...

Kos is pronounced "koose", like "moose". It is a Norwegian term that refers to that warm and cozy feeling that you get deep down in your bones when you find yourself in a pleasant environment with people you love while enjoying the simple pleasures of life. 

Yes, there is a word for that!

Kos is a noun and has the unique ability to be attached to the end of other nouns to create a name for a  specific experience. For example, peis is the Norwegian word for fireplace. If you attach kos to the end of it you get peiskos. Peiskos refers to that warm and cozy feeling that you get deep down in your bones when you are enjoying a fire (probably on a cold night and with people you care about...and maybe with a cup of hot cocoa or a glass of red wine). Grilling a meal with friends, dogs and a cold beer would be a wonderful session of grillkos. 

It's really all about the kos. 

It is our goal to simplify and better our clients' lives so that they have more time for the kos of their choice. 

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